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The big property sites (you know the ones we're taking about) don't allow private landlords to advertise - they only accept listings from agents. This leaves private landlords with fewer options when it comes to advertising. Around a third of UK landlords don't use an agent to manage their properties or find tenants so there are a high number of great properties out there that are hard to find.

Why private rentals?

Lots of landlords use an agent but not everyone wants to pay commission. For many landlords renting out properties is their job, so they'd rather put the work in and reap the rewards themselves. Similarly, not all tenants want to rent through an agent and pay the admin fees charged by most - they're happier to rent direct from the landlord.

At FindaFlat we're not anti-agent, we just think private landlords should have the same opportunities to advertise as agents.

Free to use

Anyone can use FindaFlat to advertise or find a property for free. We offer bold advertising to advertisers who want to rent their properties quicker and Early Bird access to those who want a head start contacting the newest ads.

Quality as well as quantity

It's important to us to have the best quality listings we can - if it's better for you it's better for us. That's why we have moderators working 7 days a week approving ads and keeping the quality of our listings as high as possible, as well as keeping out the nasties (such as scammers) that plague most classified ad sites.

Great customer service

We are proud to be UK based and to offer great customer service. During office hours we are always at the end of a phone ( 0161 768 1162) if you need any help using the website and can be contacted by email 24/7.

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