Landlord's Obligations

Knowing Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

Renting out your property is a great way of earning income and providing for yourself in the future. Just remember that, as a landlord, you have certain responsibilities to be aware of.

Gas safety checks

You must have an annual gas safety check carried out on each property you rent out. This must be done by someone registered with the Gas Safe Register. This is a legal obligation, not simply a recommendation.

Allow tenants to benefit from the 'quiet enjoyment of the property'

Tenants should be able to live without being harassed, or inconvenienced by their landlord. This means you should give tenants 48 hours notice if you wish to inspect the property.

Provide property that is fit for human habitation.

If a property is in an unhealthy state it is illegal under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985.

Give tenants due notice for eviction

It’s illegal to evict a tenant without due notice. If a tenant refuses to leave you can’t force them to so check the law before you rent out the property so you know where you stand.

Ensure that repairs are carried out properly and within a reasonable amount of time

Don’t expect tenants to live for weeks without hot water while you get the boiler fixed. It’s their home and they have to live in it.

Make sure you comply with the new tenancy deposit rules

Under new laws all landlords offering assured short-hold tenancies must use the new tenancy deposit schemes set up. For more information see our page on the scheme.

For more information on your responsibilities as a landlord visit Shelter online.

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