Advertising tips

Take advantage of the photo and video upload features.

People respond well to a visual ad, our research shows that ads with photo or video have a far higher response rate than those without. They say a picture paints a thousand words and you don't have room for a thousand words in your listing so get uploading! Also, as users can search the site for video or photo listing only, some people will miss your ad if it doesn't have them. For tips on video see the separate guide below.

Don't forget, when taking video or photos treat it as you would a viewing (i.e. tidy up first!)

Give your ad a catchy title.

Don't just put "2 bed flat available". Titles like "Bright 2 bed garden flat" or "Spacious 3 bed flat in a great location" will stand out more. Don't forget, people will be looking at pages of adverts initially by title (and photo if there is one) so give them a reason to click on yours.

Make the most of the description.

This is your chance to tell people why the flat is so great. You can use this space to tell prospective tenants about the property, the area - anything you think will help really. Don't just repeat the title or give a bland description of the property, make people want to come and see it. Be honest but be creative. Before you post your ad have a look at a few others and see which you clicked on for more info and which you'd respond to if you needed a flat.

Don't just sell the flat, sell the extras.

Other benefits such as wireless broadband, cable TV or a lovely garden might just be what swings it for you. While you're at it...

Don't just sell the flat, sell the area.

If there's a great pub at the end of the road or an award winning tapas bar then mention it. Let people know that it's not just a great flat, it's also in a great area near shops, a gym, the get the idea.

Know who you're advertising to.

If your property is near a popular business area then chances are it'll attract people who work there. Similarly being near a large hospital will attract medical staff. Use this to your advantage and mention the fact that you're nearby and in easy reach of the place in question.If you're looking for professional tenants then make yourself look like a professional landord. Tenants aren't just looking for somewhere to crash and party, they want a home they can feel comfortable and secure in. On the other hand, if your property is near a university then chances are you'll attract students as your tenants. Do a little research into the area and see what you find out.

Take your time.

Don't post your ad in 5 minutes sneaked between other things, take the time to browse a few other ads for ideas and do a thorough job first time round. By all means go back and edit afterwards but taking the time to think about your posting will reap rewards.

Posting a video.

This is simple to do and can be done from your mobile or with a digital camera/camcorder. All we ask is that your video contains at least one speaking voice (a simple commentary is fine, it doesn't have to be complicated) and preferably one face. Other than that it's up to you what you do. A simple walk round the flat with you pointing out good features and talking a little about the area will only take a minute or two.

It doesn't need to be a work of art, we'd love you to be creative with your posting but don't feel pressured to come up with something clever.

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