Safety tips for private landlords

We often get calls from users asking about security when using FindaFlat. As with any form of online dealing, it's always important to be careful when renting or letting a property. Here's our advice on how to stay safe.

What we do to protect you

We have systems in place (both manual and automated) which pick up on the majority of attempted scams, preventing scammers from sending messages or posting adverts. This level of protection requires considerable time and money to maintain, FindaFlat devotes a considerable amount of staff hours and financial investment to protect users in this way.

Although the odd scam does slip through the net this is very rare and, as we educate our users, they will usually bring it to our attention immediately so that we can remove the offender and warn other users of their activities.

Only registered users are able to contact you through FindaFlat, making them subject to our various checks.

What you can do to keep yourself (and your money) safe

Be vigilant and use your common sense, if something seems too good to be true it usually is! You should exercise particular caution if:


Don't be scared. By exercising a little caution you will vastly reduce the risk of anything untoward happening to you. The vast majority of FindaFlat transactions are safe and secure because we invest time, money and staff hours into making sure they are. Good luck letting property!