Your questions answered about Bold advertising

Questions about Bold Advertising

Will my ad always be at the top of the listings?
Once you've upgraded you can keep your ad near the top by clicking renew on the My Ads page. Please note that if you don't regularly click renew, your ad will start to fall down the listings and eventually drop off (after 28 days)
When will my advert be made bold?
Almost immediately! Your account is automatically updated. You should allow up to one hour for the site listings to update and show your advert as bold.
Will I be charged again when the period expires?
NO! We do not automatically rebill you for your bold advertising or access. We will send you an email just before it expires offering you the chance to renew it (you will have to enter your payment details again).
What's the difference between "Early Bird" and "Bold Advertising"?
Essentially they are the same thing. If you buy one you automatically get the other. Early Bird entitles you to one bold advert and Bold Advertising comes with Early Bird thrown in.

Questions about Early Bird access (included)

When will my access start?
Is the upgrade for a time period or 'per advert'
Time period - you pay once and then you can contact unlimited adverts until the access expires
Does the other user also need to be an Early Bird to receive my message?

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